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Author: Textappeal

1) December – Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at Bush: The Hidden Meaning

  |   CultureShocks Blog


The news:

An Iraqi journalist, who threw a shoe at US president George W. Bush during a press conference, has become something of a hero in much of the Arab world, with hundreds protesting his release from prison.

Muntader al Zaidi was taken into custody and is being tried for his actions; he faces up to 15 years of imprisonment. Al Zaidi has quickly risen to legendary status for this – one Saudi reportedly offered to pay $10 million for the shoe in question. And the Turkish shoemaker who made the shoes is receiving new requests from all over the world. For Westerners the throwing of a shoe at a major political figure certainly classes as extremely bizarre and certainly shockingly unprofessional behaviour, but in the Arab world it is a much deeper insult.


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