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Press Loft: The Uber of PR for Home & Gift Brands?

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For once, here’s a blurb not about the benefits of Textappeal or Newsroom,  but someone else’s business that I happen to think is brilliant.

Global PR used to be enormously costly and complex to execute. Nicola Snell, a clear-minded and articulate PR expert is making it a lot simpler.

Her business is as straightforward as it is powerful: connecting home & gift brands with journalists & bloggers worldwide, via a single platform called Press Loft that posts releases and images for quick download.

How does it work? Pretty simple. Brands such as Laura Ashley sign up to distribute their message across markets. Publications such as The Times or Bloggers such as Brightbazaarblog.com can instantly download the most relevant news and pictures. There are already more than 12,000 journalists using the platform – and they are usually the ones recommending it as well. Everyone gets to try it out for free.

The reason I like this business so much? The way it instantly matches human talent from around the world to global publishing and PR needs, thanks to smart use of digital.

So the Uber of PR? You decide. You can connect with Press Loft at: www.pressloft.com / www.twitter.com/pressloft  / www.pinterest.com/pressloft

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sea life is the new win for transcreation specialists Textappeal

Textappeal’s New Business Win: SEA LIFE

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SEA LIFE Aquariums is the world’s largest and most engaging conservation based aquarium brand, with more than 50 attractions around the world.

SEA LIFE create a breathtaking experience for the whole family and want to share their passion for sea life – its welfare and conservation are paramount in all they do.

Textappeal are proud to support the SEA LIFE brand in helping to promote the SEA LIFE ethos and enabling it to resonate with an audience across 13 European and Asian markets in 13 languages among which are Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Swedish.

SEA LIFE were looking for a partner to support the global unveiling of their website; a partner who shares the same passion for excellence in all they do and a partner who could further the SEA LIFE brand to audiences in markets where the brand is present.

Another crucial point for the brand was to retain consistency across SEA LIFE’s global estate of aquariums and deliver a brand message that would be fun, engaging and family-friendly across the markets SEA LIFE currently operate in.

SEA LIFE were impressed with Textappeal’s approach, passion and credentials and we are now working on the brand’s global website transcreation.

Our goal is to inform people in each specific market, in a locally relevant manner, of the importance of marine conservation, get them involved and inspire children to fall in love with the sea. To help them better understand the importance of the protection of sea life in an entertaining and culturally relevant manner.

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Cultural Insights

Textappeal Shares Cultural Insights at NYT Luxury Summit

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Alongside Aston Martin, Bang & Olufsen, Georg Jensen, and Goldman Sachs, Textappeal has been asked to hold a talk at the international New York Times Luxury Summit. The event takes place May 19th the Four Seasons Hotel in London.

Textappeal will highlight “The do’s and don’ts of culture, reputation and collaboration”. In company of C-suite executives from around the world, we will address the challenges facing global brands to manage their reputation in a digitalised world.  Check the agenda on the Luxury Law Summit’s website.

To find out how Textappeal can help you manage your global brand reputation, contact us on info@textappeal.com 

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Ad Professionals Do Good in Cannes

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We believe global advertising has the power not only to drive a brand’s results, but also to do some good. That’s why for the 6th consecutive year the Textappeal team is proud to support ACT Responsible at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

On Wednesday 18th June at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, ACT Responsible will launch its annual exhibition of the best creative work for sustainable causes. It’s an amazing, inspiring and sometimes shocking experience! Come and visit Hall Riviera – beachside entrance.

All the translations of creative work were provided by Textappeal.

* ACT Responsible is a Swiss-based not-for-profit organisation created in 2001. ACT stands for Advertising Community Together. Their mission is to federate the international advertising communications industry around social responsibility and sustainable development and share good practices. Contact ACT Responsible

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The death of choice for global brand owners

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An Elephant in the Room

Could it be that even Sir Martin Sorrell was a little shocked by the deca-billion consolidation of the ad industry? As Adage reported, August 27th at WPP’s half-year earnings conference he displayed a chart that naughtily painted the result of the future Publicis-Omnicom Group in a “sludgy brown colour” (his words).

He explained this is what you get when you mix the purple and orange corporate tints of the new Franco-American couple. He name-called it “POG”, and wished Maurice and John’s marriage trouble with regulatory approval.

Like a Che Guevara battling murky monopolies, comrade Sorrell defended the so-called collaborative “agency team” unite dogma for all. An anomaly designed years ago to help HSBC bank bring global order to the marketing of a disparate multi-local financial services group built by acquisition, now generalised into a single client-catch-all. Like a Richard Branson rebelliously standing up for customer rights and delights, he astonishingly dismissed scale in global creative services as a bad thing!

WPP is nothing if not a consolidated top-down empire. The performance was a smart, funny, cynical piece of propaganda to differentiate what in effect are monopolies jointly cornering over 70% of world client spend.

Jaded perhaps but not blind (clients have gone through their own ruthless series of consolidation and restructuring), the industry knows the next round, if it happens, could push the needle into the 90s.

The elephant in the room Mr. Sorrell deliberately ignored is the only one of real significance to brand owners and that is ‘the death of choice’. (more…)

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