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Cross-Cultural Insights

Cross-Cultural Insights


With 200 brand strategists around the world, our global cross-cultural management and consulting services can help you strengthen the effectiveness of your communication in each of your markets.


Market insight


We unearth, filter and curate in-market knowledge to generate local insight, and fuel brand communications success around the world. We can provide a brand/target/sector specific snapshot of each local market to form your global strategy.


Creative assets validation


Have you ever felt unsure how centrally developed assets will be interpreted in different markets you operate in? We can provide an independent validation on any element of your campaign – from concept, key claim, name to visual.


Copy audit/style guide development


Do you have visibility of how your brand is expressed in your local markets? We can independently measure effectiveness of your local language communication and develop a copy style guideline to give you greater control over the quality of your messaging.

Cultural Insight, Market insight, Creative assets validation

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