Coke evolves ‘Coke side of life’ campaign to ‘Open Happiness’ | Textappeal
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Coke evolves ‘Coke side of life’ campaign to ‘Open Happiness’

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Coke - Open Happiness

The news:

Coke’s famous ‘Coke Side of Life’ campaign and strapline is being retired after only 3 years. The company has decided to move to ‘Open happiness,’ which is described as having a stronger call to action than the previous line. Coke marketers partly decided to make the move on the basis that it did not deliver immediate understanding, particularly when translated for foreign markets.

Behind the news:

Straplines are key components of any marketing campaign, so it’s important to think of not just how it sounds in the local language but also how feasible it is to translate. Some messages and concepts have complexities and nuances which can be difficult to capture in another language. Thinking about this at the onset helps to avoid campaign issues down the road.