NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN (Day -13, Fiat Vs Mini. Be original.) | Textappeal
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NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN (Day -13, Fiat Vs Mini. Be original.)

  |   CultureShocks Blog

How you can drop a clanger pretty easy if you’re not aware of how the product looks to your customers.

In November 2014, Fiat 500 invited their Facebook fans to share bad product imitations by using the hashtag #beoriginal. The brand probably wanted to point out that the 2014 Twingo looks pretty much the same as the Fiat 500, as Fiat’s former Director of Marketing in fact explicitly commented in March 2014.

Instead, Facebook followers posted pictures underneath their new campaign on Facebook which should show the uncanny similarities between the Fiat 500 and the Mini Countryman, proving that it’s always risky to your brand’s reputation to compare yourself to a competitor.

In this case, Fiat sure got a taste of its own medicine.




Fiat Mini Pictures 2 Fiat Mini Pictures 1 Fiat Mini Pictures 3