NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN (Day -3, Dove. Anybody out there?) | Textappeal
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Day -3, Dove. Anybody out there?

NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN (Day -3, Dove. Anybody out there?)

  |   CultureShocks Blog

Why it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your brand’s social media accounts.

A while back, Dove integrated Facebook comments directly onto its web page. Smart move. It’s interactive, dynamic… everything you want your brand to be. The problem comes when nobody manages the comments. That’s what’s happened with Dove. As a result, for over a year now negative comments have sat unanswered right next to a Dove product, calling the entire corporate message into question.

Here are some of the comments:

‘For the white stains I don’t know… as deodorant hydration well, but for the smell… awful!’

‘Hello, I bought it for the stains and because Dove has always been at my side. I have to say that after a few days the smell is so unpleasant. I don’t use it anymore and bought another one. I had the same problem even with the hand cream…’

It goes to show, all your best efforts to communicate your product’s benefits will come to nothing if you don’t stay on top of the actual communication.

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