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Marketing Translation

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Global Marketing Translation Services

At Textappeal we specialise in providing localised marketing translation services, helping brands to speak with their own voice in every market around the world.


What’s the key to our strategy?

Relationships with localised language talent in 253 cultures

Proven success in delivering in 151 languages across the globe

Cultural consultation to provide market suitability guidance across visual, written and audio brand assets

Managed end-to-end by a centralised, experienced team of translation and culture experts

Back translation methods to show accuracy and give clarity to clients

Local market coordination to streamline the final delivery process

Our dedication to making every experience of working with us smooth and simple


How to avoid miscommunication?

As the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and so it goes for brands reaching out to consumers outside of its current geographic market.  Miscommunication stemming from marketing messages going out to a market they weren’t designed for not only makes brands a source of ridicule, but disconnects audiences from what could have been a loyal new relationship.


However successful the message has been in other markets, when cultural differences or particularities of a new market aren’t taken into account direct, or poorly adapted, translation will ignore the cultural nuances which make or break a successful global marketing campaign. To deliver an impactful, emotive campaign which connects with your audience, you have to consider more than the language your target audience speaks – in, it’s about the language in which they think.


Getting marketing translation right

When a brand is looking to reach out to a new market, with a name, brand image or campaign which was created in a different language and culture, key elements can end up lost in translation. What words, concepts and imagery signify in one culture, can be completely different, even opposed in meaning, in another. Colours which signify positivity can be more negative, symbols which bring groups together can be divisive when used in a certain way, and even whole concepts can rely on a cultural trend or value which isn’t present in the new market.


We understand that each market requires a unique and nuanced approach to help maintain a brand’s true identity and message in marketing assets. Translating not just the words, but the values, meaning and tone of the campaign, is vital to build the right connection with international audiences. That’s why we provide leading transcreation services in 151 markets globally, and are experienced with working across multichannel marketing campaigns, working across written, audible and visual content.

Cross-cultural Consultation

For us, it’s about taking the pain away from navigating cross-cultural barriers in advertising. When a brand is looking to expand into a new market, or forge a deeper connection with a current oversees audience, we help by performing a full cross-cultural evaluation of the brand’s identity and campaign message. This gives us a true and detailed appraisal of who the brand really are and how their current approach would come across in a new region. With these insights, our local translation talent will deliver translated assets which not only relay the message, but are designed to connect with the target audience by addressing specific cultural idiosyncrasies within their market.


The key element of an efficient marketing translation campaign

At the core of our business is one simple concept: think culture first. This drives us to go beyond language – making Textappeal a leading, London based marketing translations agency who deliver local insights which help our clients connect with target markets across the globe. Combine this with the top 1% of strategic and creative talent from across the globe and you have a formula for success.


For further information on our marketing translation services, contact Textappeal specialists on

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