"Global Culture Shocks in Social Media" - Textappeal speaks at The Internationist 100 in NYC. | Textappeal
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Global Culture Shocks in Social Media

“Global Culture Shocks in Social Media” – Textappeal speaks at The Internationist 100 in NYC.

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Brand Growth in a Socially Transparent World- May 10, NY. Join Us!

New York, May 10 2012 – International brand owners now have the opportunity to communicate with their customers in a fluid and highly localized manner. But this freedom can also backfire and damage brand consistency, equity and sales.

Challenged to deliver a single coherent and impactful message to their customers around the world, brand managers are learning the hard way how to deal with embarrassing and costly local mishaps due to social media. The Internationalist 100, a global marketing think tank, has asked Textappeal’s Founder and CEO Elliot Polak to address this hot topic. Other speakers include VPs of Global Marketing from Dos Equis, Xerox Corporation, BNY Mellon, PepsiCo International.