Textappeal | Masters & Mavericks in Global Marketing – Ep. 1 with Åsa Caap
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Asa caap, founder of Our vodka quote

Masters & Mavericks in Global Marketing – Ep. 1 with Åsa Caap

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Masters and Mavericks is an exclusive podcast dedicated to innovation in global marketing. Hosted by Textappeal and Newsroom founder Elliot Polak, Masters and Mavericks is a monthly program designed to highlight individuals as well as organisations that are disrupting tried-and-true brand ideologies and social media challenges with fresh concepts and new business ideas for today’s digital marketplace.

For the inaugural Masters and Mavericks podcast, Elliot sat down with Åsa Caap, Pernod Ricard executive and Our/Vodka CEO & global director. Åsa explained what it takes to be an entrepreneur as well as an “intrapreneur” — a manager within a company who promotes innovate product development.  Self-described herself as a “warrior who gets things done”, Åsa is a consummate self-starter who made a name for herself by founding and growing a number of small businesses in Sweden.

Her innovative approach to start-ups caught the eye of Pernod Ricard, who brought her onboard to manage the company’s signature Absolut Vodka brand. Åsa, however, had ideas about how Pernod Ricard could add a unique intrapreneurship to its business portfolio. Leveraging the corporate resources availed to her by Pernod Ricard, she founded Our/Vodka — a global local brand that is currently empowering entrepreneurs in nine cities around the globe, including Berlin, Detroit, Seattle, and now London.

Join us and listen as Åsa explains what it takes to bridge the gap between the corporate and start-up world and offers insight on her compelling new strategy to bring in-demand authenticity to consumers through cross-marketing global local brands such as Our/Vodka.

You can listen in on Elliot’s full interview with Åsa  in the embedded player below. Be sure to check back for Masters and Mavericks #2 in early January with more on innovative approaches to cross marketing, global social media, and social media challenges.