Textappeal Presents “THE 99” at Cannes Lions 2011 | Textappeal
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Textappeal Presents "THE 99" at Cannes Lions 2011

Textappeal Presents “THE 99” at Cannes Lions 2011

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“The 99, The World’s First Islam-inspired Global Brand”

One of the most inspiring global brands to appear in the last few years is a “Fusion Brand”. It is the result of different cultures colliding, spinning off into something radically new and unexpected.

THE 99 is the first group of comic superheroes born of an Islamic archetype. The unlikely post – 9/11 brainchild of Dr Al-Mutawa – a Kuwaiti born clinical psychologist – THE 99 is now a hugely successful global franchise that reaches Muslims and non-Muslims alike, from the Middle East to China and on cable-TV in the United States.

  • Is cultural collision the new creativity?
  • Are Fusion Brands the next global brands?
  • How can individuals, agencies and brands turn their own cultural collisions into successful business and advertising ideas?

In this groundbreaking session, Dr Al-Mutawa will share the most recent insights he has gained from the worldwide success of The 99.