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Nikon EMEA Rebrand


Nikon required a specialist transcreation agency partner to work with their central marketing team across 34 major markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Nikon make significant advertising investments to support new product launches and it is particularly vital that all communications are consistent in both core message and marketing effectiveness across all languages, cultures and consumer channels.



For the past eight years, Nikon Europe have worked directly with Textappeal to provide these services. To service the client, we built a dedicated multi-lingual account management team to work exclusively on this contract. The team have developed a close partnership with central marketing and all 34 local countries. They provide strategic guidance, conduct cross-cultural reviews and produce brand coherent and locally relevant copy across all channels. The relationship is a trusted and long-term success and has seen Textappeal regularly appearing at the top of Nikon’s agency satisfaction rankings for European agencies.


“Textappeal helps us make the right local choices for our brand. We trust them.”
Giuseppe Puglisi, Advertising Manager. Nikon Europe

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