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DAY 5: Ilaria Pasquinelli and Jeroen Van De Ven

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On our last and final day of ‘View From the Top’ Cannes Special Edition, we bring you interviews with two leading professionals in the marketing industry. The interviews are hosted by Elliot Polak, and take place in ‘long and short form’, based on the concept of long and short in relation to staking your money on stock prices rising or falling. Our guests won’t be discussing stocks, rather they will be prompted with certain words in relation to international marketing to which they will answer with either ‘long’ or ‘short’ and an explanation regarding their choice.


Our first podcast for today features Ilaria Pasquinelli, Marketing Director at Wrangler for the EMEA region. In the past, Ilaria served as Director of TexSture, an innovation and sustainability think tank. She is a big advocate of sustainability and has also worked in various United Nations agencies to serve this purpose.



Our final podcast in this special series features Jeroen van de Ven, Social Media Manager at ABN AMRO Bank. Having won a number of awards and gaining much recognition, Jeroen also serves as a visiting professor at Beeckestijn Business School.

In case you missed any of our previous episodes of ‘View From the Top’ Cannes Special Edition with Elliot Polak, do take a look at our blog to tune in.

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image of view from the top special cannes 2016 podcast with Zurich, LVMH and Western Union presented by Elliot Polak from Textappeal

DAY 3: Monika Schulze, Sofiane Si Merabet and Vi Soth

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Welcome to our third day of ‘View From the Top’ Cannes Special Edition. In this podcast series, our host Elliot Polak interviews masters and mavericks in the marketing industry. These interviews are in ‘long and short’ form, where each guest is prompted with a word to which they must respond with either ‘long’ or ‘short’, then go on to explain their answer of choice. The guests respond to a total of 10 words, of which they have no prior knowledge. As part of the Cannes Lions Festival, all interviewees were invited to breakfast this morning to exchange views with peers over coffee and croissants.


Our first podcast for today features Monika Schulze, Global Head of Marketing at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Having held various leadership positions at Unilever and then founding her own marketing consulting company in the past, Monika is today recognised as one of the leading marketing professionals in the finance industry.



For our second episode of the day, we have Sofiane Si Merabet, Marketing Director at LVMH Fragrance Brands for Givenchy, Fendi and Kenzo. Fluent in four languages, Sofiane has previously held directorial positions in various regions for L’Oréal. The great depth and detail of his responses make for one of the most extensive and interesting podcasts in this series.



Next, we have Vi Soth, Manager of Global Analytics for Western Union. Based in Dubai, Vi has worked with Western Union for many years now, and is extremely skilled in data analytics and segmentation.


You can listen to yesterday’s episode of View From the Top featuring Brett Gosper, CEO of World Rugby and Donna Bedford, Global Digital Manager at Lenovo here.


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