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iew from the top special cannes 2016 podcast featuring Lucien Boyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Vivendi
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Bonus Episode: Lucien Boyer

Tips to be Successful on a Global Scale     Welcome to a bonus episode of “View From the Top”. Hosted by Elliot Polak, this is a special series of Masters and Mavericks, featuring interviews with a select group of 11 top marketers during the Cannes Lions Festival. These...

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12 July
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DAY 4: Jenny Chen and Nina Bibby

After yesterday’s Influencer Breakfast, we continue with ‘View From the Top’ Cannes Special Edition. Elliot Polak hosts this podcast series, in which he interviews top marketers across various industries. The interviews take place in ‘long and short’ form, where the guests respond with either ‘long’...

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23 June