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Collection of Style: Fashion Transcreation for a Global Audience


International fashion brand COS need to be able to engage and inform customers, in branch and online, in markets across the globe. Best known for embodying simply elegant style infused with a relaxed, functional flair, COS wanted to ensure this brand persona is protected and conveyed in all branded comms to all customers and staff. Choosing a transcreation partner to help act as guardians of this identity is a great way to ensure they connect with current loyal customers as well as inspiring new fans, from in-store experiences to newsletters and magazines, with their own brand voice.



We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been signed as a trusted transcreation partner for global fashion brand COS. As part of this partnership we will be responsible for a host of marketing collateral, including in-store comms, weekly newsletters, new season kick off films and additional market support in multiple European and Asian markets. We transcreated in-store signage for branches in over a dozen different countries to ensure customer on-brand messaging, clear navigation and customer services guidance, including the brand’s recent launch in Slovenia.

We are further helping COS to inspire their customers with localised newsletter copy to maintain the brand’s relaxed, sophisticated voice across all comms; we transcreate content around themes like new product launches and COS’ ‘Things’ section, where they discuss the art, architecture and design spots which have been inspiring their designers. For staff members we also localise the mood films of new season collections, ensuring a cohesive understanding of latest designs and trends in branches around the globe. Finally, we also provide ad hoc language support services such as shaping the specific brand voice for COS’ launch in Korea. This included brand guideline documentation, partner brand guidelines and market specific customer service responses for email communications.

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