French Sexy Orangina Ads Criticized in UK market (August, 2008) | Textappeal
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French Sexy Orangina Ads Criticized in UK market (August, 2008)

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The news:

Last year’s Orangina campaign displaying animals with human bodies enjoying life and the ‘naturally juicy’ drink was heavily criticised by the British audience which found the sexual innuendos of the ad inappropriate.
While the French seem to have enjoyed the sexual tension and the nice visual effects of the ad, Britons found them rather disgusting.

Behind the news:

Even countries situated right next to one another can have differing perspectives and responses to matters, especially when it comes to levels of provocative content. The response to this Orangina ad perhaps reflects a little of the Anglo-Saxon Puritanism which is not present in our neighbours across the channel. Differences of this nature can be seen in the Middle East, where even in predominantly Muslim countries there is considerable variation in conservatism. Lebanon, for example, is far more liberal than nearby Saudi Arabia, where generally women are not depicted in advertising (or if so they are full covered and only the face would be seen).

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