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Local Market Coordination

Local Market Coordination


Textappeal specialise in local marketing coordination and will assist in the management of approvals from local offices and third parties to help streamline projects and meet tight deadlines, regardless of time zone differences.

At the core of our business is one simple concept: think culture first. Our services go beyond language – deep local insights that inform every project that we work on. Combine this with the top 1% of strategic and creative talent from across the globe and you have a formula for success.

Textappeal can project manage your product and can write briefs, assist with planning, proofreading and providing continual feedback on all translation work. We provide deep insight into your product and will help you design ideas that work across borders, ensure you avoid cultural shocks and set solid foundations for your brand in non-english speaking markets. We provide each client with a single International Campaign Manager, who manages campaign localisation from A to Z and will ensure the local marketing coordination of your product and brand.

local market coordination

Contact Textappeal on +44 (0)20 7251 8617
or email us at info@textappeal.com for more information on local market coordination.