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Mandarin Oriental: Translating Influence Across Cultures


As part of their ‘Fan’ ad campaign, the luxury hotel group filmed renowned brand ambassadors (or ‘fans’) such as Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu and Dame Helen Mirren for their video content. In an interview setting (with beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotels as their backdrops, of course), each of the international personalities chats about the joys of travelling and what luxury means to them.

With Asia being a substantial market for the brand, Mandarin Oriental needed the video script translating into Simplified Chinese and subtitles to be added, while ensuring the elegant tone of the brand voice was always retained.


Working closely with our trusted Chinese native senior copywriters and proofreaders (most of whom specialise in the luxury hospitality sector), we provided the translation, back-translation and text-control of the script, keeping the essence of the original message and tone of voice, adapted for the local market.

At times, some clients with no knowledge of a particular language can feel a little uncertain when their work is being translated or adapted, particularly when they don’t even use the same alphabet. By implementing a triple-tier approval process (translator, back-translator and text controller), we always assure our clients have 100% confidence that their copy is totally accurate and relevant to the local audience.

Mandarin Oriental has entrusted us with transcreating their brand communications since 2009.