Textappeal | Cindy Gallop Delivers Electroshock at Textappeal-Loveurope Event
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Cindy Gallop Delivers Electroshock at Textappeal-Loveurope Event

Cindy Gallop Delivers Electroshock at Textappeal-Loveurope Event

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Nov. 18th at Textappeal’s first private Advisory Board dinner in association with Loveurope, TED celebrity and founder of makelovenotporn.com Cindy Gallop provoked an electroshock with her talk on “Accelerating Innovation in Global Marketing”.

cindy gallop textappeal

It is impossible to do justice to her radical views here. A rapid-fire array of topics included:

  • The uselessness of innovation without active, disruptive redesign of global business or… “blowing up sh*t”.
  • “Mad men and maths men” working as one, combining big data technology with age-old irrational human impulses.
  • The battle for talent in advertising.
  • The “commoditising” of creativity.
  • The consequences of global porn viewership, starting on average at age 6 to 8 and acting as default sex education.
  • The dominance of women in consumer purchasing decisions, and dangerous lack of influence in business decisions.
  • The future of money, from traditional banks to bitcoin and google… and how this may be on the verge of radically
  • transforming all current business models and marketing.

To watch Cindy in action in the public arena, see http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/video/2012/nov/02/advertising-business-cindy-gallop