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Angelina Jolie shoots and kisses her way out of Britain

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The News

An ad for the film “Wanted” showing an “almost naked” actress Angelina Jolie shooting and kissing has been banned in the UK by the official British advertising watchdog (ASA).

The ASA says in its ruling:
“The ad (…) depicted several guns being fired by both the male and female leads and (the ASA) considered that, in conjunction with the on-screen text and voice-over that stated “Angelina is blazingly sexy” and “The coolest movie of the year” the overall impression was that using guns was sexy and glamorous. We concluded the ad could be seen to condone violence by glorifying or glamorising the use of guns. On this point the ad breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rules 6.2 (Violence and cruelty) and 7.4.1 (Mental harm).”
For the full ASA’s ruling:

Behind the News

Although gun crime is much lower in Britain than for instance in the United States, sensitivity to an alluring portrayal of violence, particularly when targeting youth, is high. This is due to the very recent emergence and growth of teenage knife and gun crime as a cultural phenomena.