Hillary Clinton and her Russian ‘Reset’ Translation Gaffe (March, 2009) | Textappeal
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Hillary Clinton and her Russian ‘Reset’ Translation Gaffe (March, 2009)

  |   CultureShocks Blog


The news:

On Friday March 6th, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva to help mend ties between the two nations. She gave Mr. Lavrov a mock‘reset’ button to symbolise the diplomatic attempt – however, the button in Russian actually read ‘overloaded’ or‘overcharged’ – not ‘reset’ as intended. An embarrassing moment for the new Secretary of State, though both played it off, and in any case pushed the button together. The gift referenced a comment from Vice President Joe Biden on resetting ties withRussia following years of friction.

Behind the news:

This is yet another case of translation gone wrong! Despite the alleged ‘hard work’ of Clinton’s team, it still didn’t turn out right.