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Subtitling and Embedded Content

Subtitling and Embedded Content


Textappeal specialises in Subtitling and Embedded Content. We can prepare subtitles that complement the on-screen action and dialogue perfectly. Our subtitlists and editors keep your messaging natural, flowing and consistent. Subtitling is the cost-effective repurposing of international spoken content and assisting the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Our subtitling teams offer succinct editing services, which communicate content in a concise way, while staying true to the source material. We specialise in producing vast volumes of work to tight deadlines. We are also experienced in running multi-language projects.

There’s a massive market in terms of those who benefit from subtitling of course – over 9 million with some hearing loss in the UK and over half a billion with English as a second language worldwide. We create English and multilingual subtitles in order to bring accessibility to everything you do – and all of this is rigorously checked for quality.

Subtitles engage foreign audiences directly to the original production, so it’s important that context isn’t lost. At Textappeal, we take everything from readability to time on the screen into account when working on your subtitle translation project.

As a professional transcreation agency, we can work with whatever you send us, whether it’s just the original film footage in a foreign language, or the subtitles file that needs to be translated for foreign audiences.

subtitling and embedded content

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