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Press Loft: The Uber of PR for Home & Gift Brands?

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For once, here’s a blurb not about the benefits of Textappeal or Newsroom,  but someone else’s business that I happen to think is brilliant.

Global PR used to be enormously costly and complex to execute. Nicola Snell, a clear-minded and articulate PR expert is making it a lot simpler.

Her business is as straightforward as it is powerful: connecting home & gift brands with journalists & bloggers worldwide, via a single platform called Press Loft that posts releases and images for quick download.

How does it work? Pretty simple. Brands such as Laura Ashley sign up to distribute their message across markets. Publications such as The Times or Bloggers such as can instantly download the most relevant news and pictures. There are already more than 12,000 journalists using the platform – and they are usually the ones recommending it as well. Everyone gets to try it out for free.

The reason I like this business so much? The way it instantly matches human talent from around the world to global publishing and PR needs, thanks to smart use of digital.

So the Uber of PR? You decide. You can connect with Press Loft at: /  /

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