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Textappeal World Blend 2013

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Textappeal World Blend 2013

For the 2012 New Year, the Textappeal team invented a box filled with worldly flavours of chocolates such as “peanut butter with jam”, “jasmine”, and “wasabi” as our annual gift. This posed a tough challenge for us this year, as we now have to exceed expectations for 2013!

This year we decided to create our very own blend of tea. Tea being the second most popular beverage in the world, we created an infusion of flavours that best describes our multicultural Textappeal brand.

We arranged a tea tasting session in our offices with a qualified tea master.  After tasting a variety of teas and flavours, we came up with a delicious infusion of Chinese cinnamon, Spanish orange blossom, Indian rose petals, Thai red peppercorns, Mexican chilli and Madagascan vanilla.

Our Tea master also gave us a lesson on how tea is made, consumed, people’s interaction with tea and the aesthetics surrounding the art of drinking tea around the world.

It was an extremely interesting team session, but let’s not get rid of our coffee machine just yet, just in case. Watch this space to see what we have in mind for 2014!

Wishing you all the best for 2013!

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